Experience the Power of Portability

The Smart-C is an extremely light, full-capability mini C-arm. As a battery-operated system, you can bring the Smart-C directly to patients to perform full fluoroscopic and radiological imaging on-location. This is true point-of-care technology.

  • Portable imaging
  • Battery-powered system
  • Lightweight frame
  • High-definition fluoroscopy
  • Detachable articulating arm
  • Positional screen

The C-arm you don’t have to make room for

Open up your OR with a mini C-arm that is actually mini and provides the functionality of current models in the market today. Our creative design provides today’s clinicians with flexible options to build a C-arm solution that fits their work-space and imaging needs.

The Smart- C® is designed with the following features:

• Lightweight, cordless, battery-powered system for true portability
• Sophisticated imaging algorithm for improved visualization
• Wireless, high-definition fluoroscopic imaging for radiological use
• Independent articulating arm for optimal positioning
• Ability to conserve space with a compact footprint
• Independent monitor cart that allows for clear field-of-view positioning
• Ability to detach from the articulating arm for independent, tabletop use

The Smart-C is a mini C-arm X-ray system designed to provide physicians with real-time general fluoroscopic visualization of adult and pediatric patients. It is intended to aid physicians and surgeons during diagnostic procedures, therapeutic treatment or surgical procedures of the limbs, extremities or shoulders, including, but not limited to, orthopedics and emergency medicine. The Smart-C is intended to be used on a table or other hard, flat surface. It may also be used with the optional support stand.


Skanray offers a compact high frequency mobile C-Arm for your challenging GI, Neuro, Spine, Ortho, Uro and Peripheral vascular and other procedures.

SKAN C, with its compact space-saving design, fits easily in a small work space thereby allowing more free space for all your C-arm applications. A low lateral height helps to reduce skin irradiation level and also meets low height patient handling systems. Effortless precise positioning is possible due to the counter-balanced C-arm, in every plane. Smooth and noiseless motorized vertical movements are available at the press of a button. Adjustable angles of monitors, mounted on a slim monitor cart with small foot print, makes viewing easier.

SKAN C gives unmatched radiation safety by using a fully integrated compact HF X-ray generator, capable of high performance and longer exposure sustainability at negligible leakage radiation. A unity power factor controller working in the range of 99 V – 254 V AC ensures stable and good quality imaging under wide range of input variation. The pulsing capability ensures low dose examination.

A user-friendly design of console and layout ensures easy handling and better understanding with greater comfort. Intuitive GUI helps to speed up procedures for handling more operations in a given time. Reports can be customized with annotation, measurements, space saving multiform print and store options.

The Skan- C is designed with the following features:

  • Pulse Fluoroscopy Mode produces good quality images with minimum effective exposure to radiation.
  • Vascular Mode with DSA, Trace and Road Map tools for efficient vascular applications.
  • 1k x 1k resolution image capture for exceptional image quality.
  • Multi-Mode functionality accommodates vascular, continuous and pulsed fluoroscopy procedures and radiography.
  • Virtual Collimation allows ROI selection without continued fluoroscopy reducing the dose induced to patient.
  • Multi-Window Interface projects multiple images simultaneously for quicker diagnosis and inference.
  • Storage of over 100,000 images eliminating the need for constant hard drive backup.
  • Laser Aimer allows accurate positioning of the patient, localized indication without repeated exposures.

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