Handheld X-Ray

iRay A6

The iRay A6 is the most advanced innovation yet in our signature line of portable X-ray systems. Truly a sight to behold, the iRay A6 comes equipped with fully adjustable power and the ability to interface to digital sensors, intraoral cameras, and large flat panel X-ray detectors. To call the iRay A6 versatile would be an understatement. Perfect for dental, medical, veterinary, military, industrial, and security uses, the iRay A6 is the solution for portable multipurpose radiography. Location is no longer an issue as you perform your X-ray procedures or diagnoses anywhere in the world. Even a computer is not necessary as the iRay A6 has a built in processor and provides live viewing with an attached 4.8″ color touch screen display. With the iRay A6, bring radiography to heights never seen before!


– Rechargeable Li-polymer battery pack
– Adjustable power settings from 1 mA to 5 mA and from 50kV to 80 kV
– Attachable 8″ x 10″ flat panel detector, or digital sensor, or intraoral camera
– Works with any other radiographic medium: film, digital sensors, PS plates
– More than 200 shots possible on one battery charge
– Color touch screen with built in image processing allows live viewing and manipulation
– Internal memory storage for over 1000 X-ray images
– Wirelessly transfer images to your laptop or PC: Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
– Compact shape and size
– Meticulously sealed in lead to negate any leakage radiation exposure
– Easy to use, comfortable to handle
– Multipurpose: Dental, Medical, Orthopedic, Cosmetic, Veterinary, Industrial/Military (nondestructive testing), Security, & more!
– 5-joint stand arm available!

Perfect for examinations, procedures, or diagnoses that must be performed on the spot! Concerned about safety? The iRay D system has repeatedly been shown, in test after test, to be safer than conventional wall mount X-ray systems. At as low as 1/7 the power of conventional X-ray machines, the iRay D system minimizes exposure to harmful radiation while still maintaining comparable, if not superior, image quality. The X-ray generator and the cone of the iRay D systems are sealed with multiple layers of lead to negate any leakage radiation. And with the implementation of our backscatter shield, the operator is safe from X-rays reflecting off the patient during exposures. Certified by numerous sources as SAFE TO USE BY HAND. Still not convinced? We also offer a 5-jointed stand arm for which you can mount the iRay D machine. Comes fixated to a mobile cart so you still preserve the portable characteristics of the iRay system. With an included remote control, satisfy any operator who still feels uneasiness with being in the same room as an X-ray machine.Please click here to view the brochures and sample images. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


The iRay A6 is the machine for your portable radiographic needs. Whether you are a radiologist, a veterinarian, security personnel, scientist, or engineer, if you need to perform remote X-ray examinations, look no further, your solution has arrived. With 16 Gb of internal storage, and wireless transfer capabilities, your images are safe wherever you go and easily ported from place to place. With the iRay A6, your mobile X-ray solution has arrived! iRay A6 use can be extendible to unlimited application which the X-ray image is needed for especially in mobile environment.

Use the iRay A6 for:

  • Dentistry –  Perfect for endodontic procedures, or when live viewing is a must
  • Medical – Obtain X-rays right in your office, no hassle or delay for your patients treatment
  • EMT & Ambulances – Diagnose immediately when people’s livelihood is on the line
  • Cosmetic Surgery – Live viewing means you can observe your procedure and minimize error
  • Veterinary / Equine – Convenient use full body of small animals and capture legs and ankle & Knee of horse on site.
  • Security – Perform remote security checks when safety is at risk, or terrorist activity prevention
  • Military – Care of military personnel for dental and Orthopedics. Treat casualty or emergency case during the field exercise.
  • Forensic- Radiograph wildlife or physical materials for remote examinations
  • Noninvasive Testing- Inspect defects in structures which cannot be easily taken apart i.e. airplane wings or Termite Detection, QC for electronic boards, Material cracks
  • Ecology – iRay A6 was also applied to do the research and analysis on a food chain to preserve the natural environment.

And much, much more! With the iRay A6 do things right on the spot, and do things right the first time, every time!

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